Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

Several clinical trials have studied the efficacy of bactericidal copper. Additionally, there are trials currently underway to corroborate data that shows products made with CuVerro® are effective in various clinical settings including ICUs, Med-Surg Units, and Outpatient Specialty Surgery Centers.

Current Trials

These major healthcare facilities are engaged in trials currently at varying stages:

            - Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Grinnell, IA

            - Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, Chicago, IL

Dr. Michael G. Schmidt, PhD, Professor and Vice Chairman of Microbiology and Immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina is responsible for the sampling and analytical methodologies at all trial locations.

The Grinnell Regional Medical Center

With product installation and testing complete at Grinnell Regional Medical Center, study results are expected in late 2016. CuVerro touch surface products were installed in half of the patient rooms in the GRMC med-surg unit with the other half as control rooms.

Products made with CuVerro include door levers, wall switches, outlet covers, IV poles, drawer and cabinet pulls, grab bars, automatic push plates, over-bed tables, computer keyboards, sinks, faucets, soap and alcohol dispensers, and toilet flush levers.

“Our primary interest is to see what can be done to help in the reduction of bacteria that cause hospital acquired infections and build on our long history of focusing on patient safety,” says Todd Linden, GRMC president and CEO. “Past impressive studies have shown the effectiveness of CuVerro copper alloys in reducing bacteria load. With CuVerro we want to see how far we can take this at GRMC."

The Chicago Prostate Cancer Center

Chicago Prostate Center (CPC) is world renowned offering breakthrough treatment of prostate cancer with radiation therapy in the form of seed implants (brachytherapy), headed by Brian J. Moran, MD, Medical Director.

Baseline testing and product installation on commonly touched surfaces is complete at the 35,000 square foot CPC facility and testing of products made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper is progressing.

To fully equip the center, products made with CuVerro include grab bars, cabinet pulls, sinks, door hardware, stretcher bed rails, IV poles, faucets, automatic door push plates, switch plates, outlet covers, and medical carts.

"My interest is to create a facility as safe as possible for my patients. When I learned of the bactericidal properties of CuVerro it made sense to invest in installation throughout the entire Chicago Prostate Center," says Dr. Moran. "Touch surfaces everywhere from light switches to IV poles that kill bacteria will clearly lessen the potential risk of contamination. I want to be part of making healthcare safer and look forward to the results."