What is CuVerro?

What is CuVerro?

CuVerro® is a solid surface that's a unique class of copper. The surface continuously kills 99.9% harmful bacteria1, when cleaned regularly, and is the latest innovation by Olin Brass, a global leader in copper-based alloys.

CuVerro is the only class of solid surface materials registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to actively kill bacteria1. The inherent properties work 24/7 in between cleaning, never washing out or wearing away, making CuVerro ideally suited for commonly touched surfaces where bacteria is a concern. Easy to maintain, CuVerro is tarnish-resistant and will not oxidize and turn green like pure copper.

Engineered for durability and strength with bactericidal efficacy, it's backed by EPA registration, unlike coatings and additives. CuVerro is antimicrobial, but it's also bactericidal, meaning it KILLS bacteria and does not simply inhibit bacterial growth.


CuVerro® is a product of Olin Brass, insuring the technical, R&D, distribution and service support that customers require, as well as information to help customers with regulatory compliance necessary to sell bactericidal copper surfaces in the marketplace. Olin Brass currently holds 37 High Performance Alloy (HPA) U.S. patents and 39 other U.S. patents related to various processing and technical capabilities.