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CuVerro Copper as Hospital Problem Solver

Randy Reichenbach’s Medical Resources has been serving the health and medical market for 30 years. In that time, he’s stayed on top of developments in medical equipment and furniture. 

“Infection is an expensive problem for health facilities,” he says, “and the solutions haven’t been easy to come by.”

Reichenbach has studied the subject “for years,” and he’s learned that infections from bacteria like MRSA and E. coli are all too frequent in hospitals. He readily cites statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, JAMA and other health experts.

Those statistics tell a disturbing tale. Reichenbach points to the numbers associated with healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). The Center for Disease Control reports that each year one in 25 hospital patients contract bacterial infections and 75,000 die as a result. As many as 300,000 deaths occur in nursing homes each year from acquired infections, according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

He is also aware of the costs. “The data I see says that each one of these infection episodes costs an average of more than $32,000. Before the Affordable Care Act, this was largely reimbursed so the issue for hospitals was mostly related to profit preservation.”

“Infection  control has become a huge cost control factor for hospitals,” Reichenbach claims. “There is the cost of the treatments and the lower reimbursement rates for them, of course. Today, there is also the potential for substantial government-imposed financial penalties when infection rates are too high.” 

All this helped fuel Reichenbach’s search for a solution, which ultimately led him to CuVerro and the antimicrobial copper’s ability to continuously kill bacteria like MRSA. He says he saw a chance to make a difference with his clients and an opportunity “to beat the big guys to the punch.” 

“CuVerro is a pioneer technology that helps solve a big health problem.” Randy Reichenbach, Medical Resources

Medical Resources is a small business that markets medical equipment, furniture, interior design services and technical solutions to physician offices, surgery centers, hospitals, schools, and government institutions. The company often sells products in conjunction with its role as a project manager or equipment specifier.

“Our approach has evolved,” he says. “We’ve learned that for us CuVerro is a ‘solution-based’ sale rather than simply a product sale. We also get more traction when C-suite executives are involved in the process.” 

“The combination of factors means we are looking at our customers’ issues holistically and trying to provide a suite of products with CuVerro,” Reichenbach says. “It is more sensible for us in our role as project consultants, and more cost effective for the hospital.”

Reichenbach is quite eager for the day when Medical Resources can point to CuVerro’s potential as a HAI reduction agent. Like other CuVerro affiliates, he hopes the EPA will soon let CuVerro cite research that shows copper applications in hospital settings have reduced infection rates by as much as 58%.

“CuVerro is a pioneer technology,” Reichenbach say. “It’s time we get the message out.” 

About Medical Resources: Medical Resources is a full-line supplier of new, used, and refurbished medical equipment and supplies to healthcare professionals. 

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