How clean is your cell phone? Hello Glow puts hers to the test.

With how often we use our cell phones, it is no surprise that they have a high potential for harboring disease-causing microbes. In February of 2017, Stephanie Pollard from Hello Glow conducted a study to find out how dirty her cell phone was and wrote a blog post on her findings. Read Stephanie’s insights on cell phone cleanliness and how CuVerro can help to keep your cell phone cleaner in her full article.


Mom Fabulous put items in her son's backpack to the test.

Bacteria and germs can linger all throughout high schools. Mom Fabulous covered this in a blog post in February 2017 by testing pens, notebooks, calculators, and a reusable water bottle her son took to school. Check out the article for the full results.


From doorknobs to cell phones, Practically Functional tests surfaces around her house.

In December of 2016, Jessi Wohlwend from the Practically Functional blog tested the cleanliness of several household items. From doorknobs to her baby’s toys, these items typically failed the ‘Sanitary’ test. Read the article for Jessi’s thoughts on these tests, and how CuVerro can help reduce the amount of germs in homes.


Bacteria can lurk on your workspace, too. Read more from Mom Fabulous.

Julie from Mom Fabulous tested the cleanliness of items commonly found in the workplace. See the results in her article, in addition to her insights on how a dirty workplace can negatively impact employee productivity.