Enterobacter aerogenes

Enterobacter aerogenes

Enterobacter aerogenes is a hospital-acquired and pathogenic bacterium that causes infections. It is a Gram-negative rod shaped bacteria that is increasingly more resistant to antibiotics. E. aerogenes is typically found in the human gastrointestinal tract and does not generally cause disease in healthy individuals. It has been found to live in various wastes, hygienic chemicals, and soil.


What types of infections does Enterobacter aerogenes cause?

Enterobacter aerogenes can cause gastrointestinal infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), skin and soft tissue infections, respiratory infections, and adult meningitis.

Who is at risk for infection?

Patients with weakened or compromised immune systems, like those with catheters or who have undergone recent surgical procedures, are at risk for infection.  Enterobacter aerogenes is nosocomial, meaning it is contracted by treatment in a hospital and that healthy people are typically not at risk for infection.

How is Enterobacter aerogenes spread?

Enterobacter aerogenes is often spread by cross-contamination from surgery or consistant treatment in hospitals for patients who use catheters.

How are Enterobacter aerogenes infections treated?

Enterobacter aerogenes is highly resistant to antibiotics so most drugs are ineffective at treating infections. The best way to fight these bacteria is to have proactive prevention practices.  Active adherence to standard hand-hygiene regimens, environmental decontamination procedures, controlled use of antibiotics and aseptic insertion of catheters and implanted devices can help reduce transmission of the bacteria.

How does copper combat hospital-acquired bacteria?

CuVerro(R) is antimicrobial copper, but it doesn’t just hinder the growth of bacteria. CuVerro copper alloys are bactericidal: they continuously kill bacteria¹ like enterobacter aerogenes.

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