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CuVerro is proud of our affiliation with leading manufacturers of furnishings and equipment who envision the benefit continuously clean surfaces provides. Our manufacturers are transforming categories with a range of products made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloys that are beautifully effective at killing bacteria1.

A CuVerro affiliation provides a true competitive advantage in the added value of a synergistic and collaborative supplier network, all with full support from Olin Brass. The Olin Brass affiliation provides the technical, R&D, distribution, and customer service support that customers require, as well as assistance with the regulatory compliance necessary to sell products made with bactericidal copper into the marketplace.

Launching a successful product requires more than an exceptional material CuVerro® provides the strength, performance, and clean look that high-touch surfaces demand. CuVerro® has been developed to provide component and equipment manufacturers with the exact materials for their specific applications.

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