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A sustainable solution.

CuVerro® is made from up to 100% recycled copper material (typically over 75%) and is 100% recyclable. Nearly all of the copper mined to date is still in circulation because copper's recycling rate is higher than that of any other engineering metal.12


The EPA has evaluated the acute toxicity of copper, and found there to be “no risk to public health.”13 Copper is even a natural and necessary dietary supplement. 

The antimicrobial properties of copper are natural and inherent, so no additives are required. For healthcare environments, especially, copper provides the assurance of no VOCs, (volatile organic compounds) PVC (poly vinyl chlorides). phthalates or other pollutants that can adversely impact air quality. In keeping with copper’s environmentally friendly properties, no sealants, glue or adhesive are used in CuVerro®’s manufacturing processes. 

Copper has played a role in Green Building and has been one of the materials of choice for energy efficiency and sustainability, and a mainstay in solar, wind and wave renewable energy systems.