Network Benefits

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Network Benefits

Network Benfits

We have a strong and growing network of manufacturers that offer a range of innovative products made with CuVerro® antimicrobial copper alloys.

Our developing portfolio of products made with antimicrobial copper is creating a range of vast choices across industries interested in continuously cleaning surfaces. Our manufacturers offer products to customers looking for a victory over bacteria. We are helping them leverage their brands and gain enhanced recognition for fostering a product portfolio of bacteria-killing items.

The CuVerro team will aid manufacturers throughout the EPA-registration process and assist with: 

- EPA registration                                                                          

- Regulatory compliance

- Allowable marketing and public health claims associated with EPA registration

- Labeling and record keeping

Our EPA Registration and Labeling Manual provides guidance on EPA Registration and licensing requirements, labeling compliance, filing and record keeping procedures, and marketing and public health claim protocols.

The benefits to becoming a part of the CuVerro team of manufacturers includes:

  • Affiliation within the only class of EPA-registered solid material that works to kill bacteria1 continuously between regular cleanings.
  • Regulatory compliance support.
  • Availability in a full range of forms from ingot to foil and fabricated parts.
  • Product development and technical support from Olin Brass engineers and metallurgists.
  • Customer support including brand sharing, marketing collateral, trade show participation and more.
  • Full supplier support from Olin Brass.

Ours is a collaborative affiliate network to deliver core targets access to a broad range of products with bactericidal properties. We look forward to furthering first-to-market competitive advantages with CuVerro bactericidal product opportunities.

Interested in becoming a CuVerro manufacturer? Contact Us Today