Manufacturer and User Guides

Manufacturer and User Guides

In this section we offer important information for both manufacturers and end users on the value of using CuVerro antimicrobial Copper.  CuVerro Copper integrates seamlessly into the manufacturing process, offering products that are reliable and durable.  These products are invaluable to end users where high-touch areas present health risks, such as hospitals, or in public places needing to stay germ-free in between cleanings, like fitness centers.

High-touch areas present health risks because of surface contamination in environments from healthcare to public and private spaces. CuVerro® bactericidal copper continuously kills 99.9% bacteria1 within two hours of exposure between regular cleanings and can help keep a range of risk-prone surfaces continuously clean from bacteria1

Infectious bacteria are everywhere and can cause great harm, even in environments typically thought to be safe. In fact, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) are responsible for 75,000 deaths annually.

Where hygiene is a concern, it makes sense to outfit facilities with products manufactured from CuVerro® bactericidal copper surfaces. By incorporating CuVerro surfaces, hospitals, hotels, airports, cruise ships, trains, and residential spaces can become much cleaner environments.

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