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CuVerro Copper and the Healthy Workout Room

Lou Quint is a man on a mission. The 65-year-old entrepreneurial dynamo and health enthusiast has spent a lifetime working to get people healthy ... and keep them that way.

“Americans are alarmingly unhealthy,” Quint says. “As a nation, we tend to eat poorly, we don’t exercise, and 41 percent of us are overweight. It’s why health costs the country so much and why I feel strongly that I need to do something about it.”

As President of Portland Investment Partners and HealthClubManagement.com, Quint owns, operates, manages and consults with dozens of health venues in the United States and works hard to bring his unique brand of caring to the business of health and fitness.

“Caring is not something you say,” Quint asserts. “It is something you do ... which is how I got to know Black Iron Strength and their line of CuLEAN weight lifting equipment with CuVerro® antimicrobial copper.” 

“Caring is not something you say. It is something you do. Lou Quint, Wyoming Athletic Club

Quint realizes infection control is a big concern for customers of his health facilities. He also knows that infections are a source of substantial legal liability for his businesses. The fact is, germs are spread by touch and exercise equipment is way up there in the high touch zone. 

“We ran tests using a hand-held tool at our Wyoming Athletic Club (WAC),” Quint says. “‘Clean’ is any reading below 300. The bacteria readings on our traditional weight equipment were over 7,000.” 

“When we tested Black Iron’s copper weights, the numbers continuously hovered at 179,” Quint continues. “That was all I needed to see to make the switch to copper!”

Quint points to several key benefits of using CuVerro-based products. First and foremost, as a recreation and physical education professional, he sees the use of copper as a strong statement about his concern for customer health. He proudly notes that his WAC facility is now the cleanest health club anywhere in the West.

Not long after the Black Iron copper installation was completed, Quint was reminded of another benefit: a measure of peace of mind that comes with doing all you can to prevent customers from getting infections at your facility. 

The reminder? A multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed by a customer of a national competitor claiming to have become seriously ill from an infection picked up at the health club.

Quint’s use of copper in the WAC’s infection control program is also paying off in customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

“The change to copper is being noticed ... and appreciated,” Quint says. “We can tell because we are getting higher return (repeat) rates. When customers feel safe, they come back.”

About WAC: For 40 years, the Wyoming Athletic Club (WAC) has evolved with the changing focus on fitness in America. WAC has 5,000 members at two Casper locations, one a 65,000 sq. ft. full service center and the other a 9,600 sq. ft. fitness center. The Clubs deliver premier health, sports and fitness using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Learn more at www.itsmywac.com.

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