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CuVerro Copper Spurs Patient Safety Alliances

When national sales manager Doug Carmichael talks about the success of Seachrome and its ADA-compliant product lines, the conversation begins and ends with the value of the company’s enduring relationships with its customers.

“It is really the key,” Carmichael says. “For 50 years, we’ve seen ourselves as an extension of our customers’ businesses. That kind of thinking makes us want to do our best every day in every way.”

That kind of thinking, to follow on with Carmichael’s train of thought, is exactly what brings CuVerro® and Seachrome together. 

"We’re hearing lots of concerns about infection – particularly MRSA – across the full spectrum of our market,” Carmichael asserts. “Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, health clubs: they all worry about the risk of infection for their patients and patrons.”

For Seachrome, CuVerro helps answer that concern. The antimicrobial copper alloy is a potent weapon in the fight to help prevent the spread of deadly bacteria that cause infections. CuVerro continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria it contacts, including MRSA. Where antimicrobial copper is used for surfaces on grab bars, soap holders, towel hooks, sinks and other fixtures, the surfaces are much cleaner. 

“CuVerro is a lifesaver, and it is such a great fit for our mission.” Doug Carmichael, Seachrome

That’s why Seachrome sees CuVerro as a significant value add for the lines of ADA-compliant bath fixtures for which the company is so widely known. Seachrome prides itself on producing comfortable, durable, safe and stylish bath accessories. With CuVerro, they will be able to add “healthy” to their set of prime product descriptors.

According to Carmichael, a line of bath products made with CuVerro has been developed. “We’ve done several jobs now and it has helped us learn how to ‘bend’ the copper into stylish accessories in line with our brand.” The medical center at the University of Louisville is Seachrome’s latest client.

Carmichael firmly believes that the demand for infection-fighting products is on the rise. Two factors are at work, he thinks. First, there isn’t a satisfactory preventative for MRSA, a germ that can cause severe illness ... even death ... and it resists all known antibiotics. 

Scientists believe that MRSA and other infections that are contracted in health care facilities may kill 75,000 hospital patients each year. At $47,000 per episode, the problem results in $147 billion of annual expense. 

The other driver, he believes, is the Affordable Care Act and its quality care requirements. Hundreds of major hospitals have paid large monetary penalties because their infection rates are too high. “We think that CuVerro accessories will help the hospitals address this problem,” Carmichael says.

“Now that we know how to manufacture stylish copper products, we hope to formally introduce and market a CuVerro line to our customers. The alloy is a lifesaver; and it is such a great match for our mission.”

About Seachrome: Seachrome products effortlessly blend safety, security and comfort with a versatile range of style options that are equally at home in Aging in Place residential remodels, upscale hospitality properties, or commercial, municipal, healthcare and institutional applications. Learn more about Seachrome’s ADA-compliant product lines at

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