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CuVerro Copper Helps Protect Patients Against Infection

Always on the lookout for a way to serve the needs of its customers, Pedigo’s Tom Hillebrand knows a good thing when he sees it. CuVerro® copper’s remarkable ability to destroy harmful bacteria answered a growing health concern. 

 “We were reading about the problem of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs),” he said, “and we were getting first-hand accounts from customers that were devoting substantial resources to the issue ... with marginal success.”

Pedigo did its homework and saw the proof of antimicrobial copper’s effect on superbugs like MRSA. The metal continuously kills 99.9 percent of superbugs it contacts. In a study conducted by Grinnell College last year, stretcher bed rails made of copper were 6 times cleaner ... and copper IV poles were 10 times cleaner!

The data was so compelling, Pedigo began offering new product lines of stretchers and infusion pump stands made of CuVerro copper.

Hillebrand, head of Pedigo marketing and sales, said the rationale was straightforward. 

“Pedigo products are known for their sterility and efficiency,” says. “Our CuVerro copper lines live up to that reputation. No surface is cleaner. Few products pay for themselves faster through ongoing reductions in infection expense.”

The company’s product literature captures the compelling sales proposition Pedigo uses today for its CuVerro-based products.

“It was simply the right thing to do.” Tom Hillebrand, Pedigo

Stretcher rails are supposed to protect, not infect!

Pedigo now sees itself as a partner with customers in the effort to help prevent the spread of infectious bacteria, especially in hospitals where HAIs are a very big problem. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report 75,000 patient deaths each year from such infections. CDC also estimates that hospital infections result in medical costs of $147 billion a year.

“Knowing the extent of the infection problem, we saw more than just a marketing opportunity,” Hillebrand said. “We had a chance to offer a potentially lifesaving product and CuVerro helped make it so. Their engineering team has been terrific and their sales response has been exceptional.”

“Also important, thinking of medical equipment with that kind of potential impact, it was simply the right thing to do,” he asserted.

“We are making a statement about our concern for customers and patients and I think the payoff in a differentiated share of mind is well worth the investment,” Hillebrand concluded.

About Pedigo: Pedigo is a leader in the design and construction of high quality stainless steel, chrome and copper products for the healthcare industry. Its name has become synonymous with quality, durability, sterility and service to the  customer. Learn more about the company’s innovations in sterility control at

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