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CuVerro Copper as Part of a Cleaner Environment

Over the last quarter century, Architectural Builders Hardware (ABH) has built itself into a leading hospital products manufacturing company. It is a big believer in modern technology: robotics, automation, and lean manufacturing … and recently CuVerro® style antimicrobial copper.

“Quiet and clean are the watchwords you hear from hospital clients,” says Kit Shah, ABH head of marketing and sales, “and we are responding with products that deliver both.”

Shah claims that CuVerro came along at just the right time. ABH is a major supplier of push/pull latches in hospital and other health and ADA-related markets. The growing recognition of the threat of infection has made bacteria fighting a call to action in the business.

ADA compliance requires latches on hospital room doors. Now, the Affordable Care Act has ramped up requirements for infection control. The intersection has been the impetus for a new line of quiet, antimicrobial copper latches.

“ABH is the only company that can offer latches with zero decibels of gained noise and the bacteria killing effects of copper,” Shah says. 

Shah says that the “ask” for copper is more frequent now. More and more RFPs specify antimicrobial material these days, so ABH’s move to a CuVerro based line of latches has been both timely and responsive.

CuVerro is a strong addition to the ABH line on several levels, according to Shah. The two companies share similar values. There is more than just business involved in the effort to sell antimicrobial copper products. These are products – ABH makes 42 types of latches for use in health facilities – that actually yield a lifesaving benefit. The effect isn’t lost on either company.

“A quiet, antimicrobial environment is a healing environment.” Kit Shah, Architectural Builders Hardware

ABH and CuVerro share another value: research. ABH has used independent testing to affirm the value proposition attached to its quiet line. CuVerro has also relied on copper studies that show the bacteria fighting attributes of copper.

Along those lines, Shah was especially excited to learn about CuVerro’s effort to get the EPA to lift the ban on the use of certain research in making marketing claims. Thanks to a US Department of Defense funded study, CuVerro has evidence that the use of antimicrobial copper in a clinical setting can reduce infection rates by as much as 58%. 

“The buzz on copper is starting to happen,” Shah says, “and I think it is going to get louder. CuVerro is a tremendous product and we will be marketing it aggressively. A proof point on infection rate reduction would be a focal point as hospitals wrestle with infection liability.” 

“Added to our zero-decibel proof, we can help create a quiet, antimicrobial environment that is a healing environment,” Shah said. “That is one powerful and compelling set of claims for CEOs to consider.”

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