Stethoscope Study

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Stethoscopes - The Dirty Truth & How Antimicrobial Copper Can Help


Health care professionals regularly use stethoscopes to diagnose patients. But a new study by medical researchers shows that stethoscopes can just as frequently carry germs from patient to patient. Here are the facts:

  • Fact: 80% of stethoscopes studied were contaminated with bacteria
  • How CuVerro® Can Help: Antimicrobial copper stethoscopes helped reduce bacteria by 91% 
  • Fact: 70-90% of doctors & nurses fail to regularly disinfect their stethoscopes
  • How CuVerro Can Help: Antimicrobial copper continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria1
  • Fact: There is no universal, commonly agreed upon routine for cleaning stethoscopes
  • How CuVerro Can Help: Antimicrobial copper kills bacteria 24/7, even in between cleanings1
  • Fact: Standard stethoscopes carry a microbial burden that significantly increases the likelihood of transferring infectious bacteria
  • How CuVerro Can Help: Stethoscopes made with antimicrobial copper help keep the bacteria level on them close to or below the generally accepted threshold for the concentration of bacteria on healthcare surfaces

Dr. Michael Schmidt noted that “Based on these trial results, we can say that adding antimicrobial copper stethoscopes to a healthcare facility’s bundle of infection control measures would likely help to limit the spread of infectious agents. In other studies, antimicrobial copper touch surfaces have been demonstrated to work in concert with existing hygiene procedures to help create safer environments.”

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