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CuVerro® in the News

CuVerro Shield™ used in Canadian Hospital Patient Room

This Canadian hospital is using CuVerro Shield™ by Aereus Technologies to help kill bacteria and prevent bacteria growth.

Aereus Technologies Launches New Website

CuVerro® affiliate, Aereus Technologies Inc., is proud to announce their new website. Check it out now to explore how their revolutionary antimicrobial solid copper coating solution works. It’s a powerful solution to fight bacteria! 

CuVerro Shield used in The Ontario Racquet Club (ORC)

The Ontario Racquet Club (ORC), one of Canada's largest fitness facilities, is now the first club in North America to integrate CuVerro Shield™ by Aereus Technologies in their 150,000 square foot facility, located on 8 acres just outside Toronto.

CuVerro Copper vs. Other Metals

CuVerro’s durability, cost effectiveness and antimicrobial properties make it an ideal material for your fabrication, machining or manufacturing processes. Here’s how CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper compares to these three other popular metals.

Olin Brass expands its antimicrobial copper product line through a collaboration with Aereus Technologies

Olin Brass and Aereus Technologies are teaming up to launch CuVerro Shield™ by Aereus Technologies - a new solid antimicrobial copper alloy solution.

Tips on How to Improve The Manufacturing Process

Everyone talks a big game about leaner, more efficient processes. Here are seven tips to help manufacturers follow thru on the never-ending quest to get more efficient. 

Common Types of Metal Fabrication Processes

In addition to being a drop in replacement for stainless steel, CuVerro is corrosion resistant, bactericidal, and retains close to 100% of its value when recycled – making it both safer and cost effective. Here’s a look at several metal fabrication processes that can benefit from using CuVerro.

Copper’s Role in the Water Infrastructure Crisis

Flint’s decision to protect its water supply with copper piping is an example many communities in North America should embrace in the coming years.

CuVerro copper plays role in infection prevention in University of Louisville Hospital’s Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit

Technologies and materials expected to significantly reduce incidence of infection

New study shows copper surfaces on athletic equipment reduce bacteria by 94 percent

The Grinnell College Department of Biology has released new research concluding that the use of copper alloys on high-touch athletic center surfaces lowered bacteria count by an average of 94 percent.

Home hygiene, copper featured on popular Canada TV show

Antimicrobial copper was featured during a home hygiene segment on a recent edition of the Marilyn Denis Show, Canada’s second most popular daytime TV program. The replay of the segment, which aired on Monday Sept. 25, can be viewed on the Show’s website beginning this week.

New Study: Before a doctor listens to your heart, ask if the stethoscope is clean!

Medical researchers find 80 percent of stethoscopes are contaminated. Switch to antimicrobial copper alloys reduces bacteria levels by 91 percent.

VIDEO: Antimicrobial Copper Destroys Super Bugs

Watch this video that pits copper against stainless steel in a side-by-side super bugs fighting duel!

Purdue Football adopts CuVerro copper to help team stay healthy and win more games

The team’s new CuLEAN Black Iron Strength dumbbells with copper handles are tackling an important job. They are helping reduce health risks from the spread of infections by continuously killing 99.9% of bacteria they contact in the weight room.

‘Sixth man’ helps keep Bellarmine athletes healthy

Bellarmine University has become the latest collegiate athletic program to deploy CuVerro® copper in its steps to promote greater hygiene and fight the spread of bacteria that cause infections in their sports facilities.

East Alton brass mill fights hospital germs

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch talks about the "unlikely marriage" between metal and medicine.

NCAA Champion Villanova Wildcats equip strength training room with bactericidal copper

The NCAA Basketball Champion Villanova Wildcats have installed Black Iron Strength® dumbbells and attachments made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper in their training facilities as a way to promote greater hygiene and help kill the bacteria that cause infections.

Moms Say Schools Aren't 'Very Clean,' 'Most Likely' Source of Family Colds and Infections, According to New Survey

A new survey shows that most moms (77%) think that schools are not “very clean” and a majority (53%) believe schools were the most likely source of their family’s colds and other infections last year.

New Study Confirms Copper Alloys Continuously Kill Bacteria, Keep Hospital Rooms Cleaner

The results are undeniable. A new clinical study investigating the bacteria-killing properties of copper has proven once again that the metal can play a leading role in fighting bacteria that cause healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The paper also reached a second finding destined to shake-up cleaning practices in the healthcare industry.

Wall Street Journal says antimicrobial copper “winning fans” in healthcare and beyond

Article from the Wall Street Journal shows increased interest in antimicrobial copper and its ability to kill bacteria. From healthcare to hospitality to professional sports, copper is making an impact across the globe.

CuVerro at AIA/ACHA Summer Leadership Summit

The CuVerro team participated in the 2016 Summer Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL, July 22-24. This two-day conference was created in partnership by the American Institute of Architects and the American College of Healthcare Architects.

CuVerro attends 2016 Health Forum and AHA Leadership Summit

For the second year in a row CuVerro attended the Health Forum and American Hospital Association Leadership Summit. The 2016 Summit was hosted in San Diego, CA July 17-19 and featured keynote speakers including Fareed Zakaria, Patrick Kennedy, and Lara Logan, among others.

Hospitals Discover the Benefits and Ease of Antimicrobial Copper

Bacteria can survive on healthcare surfaces for weeks and even months. Antimicrobial copper kills more than 99.9% of bacteria* on surfaces within two hours in between routine cleanings and requires no additional staff training or special maintenance. Installing antimicrobial copper on frequently touched surfaces is a great supplement to current infection control programs.

Rocky Mountain Hardware Creates a New Breed of Antimicrobial Hardware Thanks to Innovative CuVerro Copper Alloy

CuVerro affiliate Rocky Mountain Hardware worked with HOK Design to develop the VerduraTM line of architectural hardware.

MSC's Welljoint Now Featuring CuVerro Bactericidal Copper Surfaces

Modular Services Company has joined the CuVerro affiliate network and is now providing their WellJoint headwall perimeter made with CuVerro bactericial copper.

St. Louis Blues second NHL team to outfit training room with bactericidal CuVerro

The St. Louis Blues have installed Black Iron Strength® dumbbells and attachments made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper surfaces in both of their training facilities. This follows the LA Kings installation of the same equipment made with bactericidal copper last season. CuVerro has gained acceptance in healthcare and is now seeing increased demand in other markets.

Modula S Net-Zero Infection Isolation Units Incorporating CuVerro – A Finalist in SXSW Eco Place by Design

Modula S, Inc. has developed rapidly deployable, net-zero, infection isolation units that use ultra-efficient building envelope technology to moderate the temperature of the unit, improving comfort by up to 40%, while incorporating easy-to-clean CuVerro® bactericidal copper surfaces to simplify decontamination efforts. The project will be presented at SXSW Eco in Austin, TX, on October 5-7, where it is a Place by Design finalist, highlighted in the Resilience category.

The bacteria-fighting super element that’s making a comeback in hospitals: copper

Ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water. Greeks, Romans and Aztecs relied on copper compounds to treat burns, headaches and ear infections. Thousands of years later, the ancient therapeutic is being embraced by some hospitals because of its ability to kill bacteria that cause deadly infections. At least 15 hospitals across the country have installed, or are considering installing, copper components on “high-touch” surfaces easily contaminated with microbes — faucet handles on sinks, cabinet pulls, toilet levers, call buttons and IV poles.

Incubator Made with CuVerro Fights Contamination in a University of Liverpool Laboratory

A CuVerro-lined incubator has been installed in the University of Liverpool's Biological Sciences Department to help reduce bacterial contamination in the life science laboratory.

CuVerro leads way to cleaner healthcare environments at workshop with Center for Health Design

CuVerro® is sponsoring a national workshop to bring together forward-thinking healthcare organizations, architects, designers, and industry leaders in a quest to make healthcare surfaces safer and healthier. Backed by the Center for Health Design, the “High Touch Surfaces – A Systems Based Approach to Improved Healthcare Hygiene” workshop will be held in Chicago September 9-10.

Modula S and CuVerro Team Up to Offer Best-in-Class Military Medical Unit - Ideally Suited for Rapidly Deployable Infection Isolation

Modula S and CuVerro Team Up to Offer Best-in-Class Military Medical Unit - Ideally Suited for Rapidly Deployable Infection Isolation

Pedigo uses alloy as ally against infection

Pedigo Products, a Vancouver, Washington-based hospital equipment manufacturer, recently launched the Guardian stretcher with handrails made with CuVerro copper alloy.

The Pingry School and CuVerro strive for excellence in fighting bacteria

The Pingry School is the first K through 12 school in the U.S. to install Black Iron Strength fitness equipment with CuVerro copper alloy solid surface handles.

Latta, Murphy, Yarmuth Reintroduce Infection Reduction Labeling Act

H.R. 1424 has bipartisan support.

Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings outfit world class training center with CuVerro®

Recent two-time Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings have installed Black Iron Strength® dumbbells and attachments made with CuVerro® in their strength and training facility.

CuVerro® introduces new bactericidal product line up at Healthcare Design Conference

Visit the CuVerro booth (#1707) at the 2014 Healthcare Design Conference in San Diego, CA.

The A.T. Cross Century® Copper Pen made with CuVerro® now available at Staples nationwide

Nearly 1400 Staples stores will soon carry the innovative Century® Copper pen by A.T. Cross.

GRMC Fitness Center – A new standard of clean and safe community fitness with CuVerro®

On October 21st the Grinnell Regional Medical Center celebrated the new Paul W. Ahrens Fitness Center with an open house celebration. Nearly 400 people attended the day-long event with a range of activities showcasing the new facility and its state of the art equipment and programs. Products made from CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloy touch surfaces were featured throughout the Ahrens Fitness Center.

Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC) Testing Clean with CuVerro®

Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC) is engaged with Olin Brass in a comprehensive clinical trial to test the impact of Olin Brass' CuVerro® solid copper alloy products.

New Larco CopperShield Push Plate Fights Bacteria* that Cause Hospital-Acquired Infections

New EPA-approved push plate for automatic door activation kills 99.9 percent of bacteria* within two hours.

A.T. Cross Addition Caps off Another Successful Year for CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper

A.T. Cross Company introduces the new Century®Copper Pen made with CuVerro®bactericidal copper.

FRONTLINE Report - "Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria"

FRONTLINE investigates the rise of deadly drug-resistant bacteria.

Operator Interface Technology Puts Antimicrobial Copper Power at Your Fingertips with New CuVerro® Keyboards, Keypads

Operator Interface Technology, longtime leader in the development and manufacture of rugged keyboards and keypads used in kiosks, ATMs and other commercial applications, has brought the powerful bactericidal properties of CuVerro® touch surfaces to a new line of electronic keyboards and keypads.

Ingersoll Rand Unveils New Door Hardware Made with CuVerro® Bactericidal Copper for Healthcare Facilities

Ingersoll Rand unveiled its new ActivClean™ portfolio of door hardware made with CuVerro bactericidal copper alloys at the 2013 ASHE Conference and Exhibition.

ASHE Exhibition Attendees to View Best in Class Solutions for Common Doors in Hospitals

Ingersoll Rand introduces new ActivClean™ portfolio of products made with CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces at 2013 ASHE show.

Copper elements shown to be effective as supplement to current infection control procedures

In the United States, one out of every 20 hospital patients develops a healthcare acquired infection (HAIs), resulting in an estimated 100,000 deaths per year. Although numerous tactics have been put in place to help decrease the number of these infections, using antimicrobial copper metal surfaces is a strategy that works continuously and has been clinically proven to be effective.

Antimicrobial Copper Discussed at TEDxCharleston

Dr. Michael Schmidt discusses hospital-acquired infections and antimicrobial copper at the 2013 TEDxCharleston conference.

Drug pipeline for worst superbugs "on life support"

Only seven new drugs are in development for the treatment of infections caused by an especially nasty class of superbugs, including E. coli.

Everyday Objects Reinvented Using Copper

Always on the lookout for new, helpful innovations for users, industrial designers are turning to copper to transform and perfect the most familiar of objects. The first metal worked by humans, new uses are still being found for the red metal's multiple attributes: style, malleability, conductivity, 100% recyclability and even antimicrobial efficacy; it is the basis for many innovations that impact daily life. In cars, its strength and recyclability have made it the star material for the latest Peugeot concept car, introduced this year at the Paris Motor Show. Its antimicrobial properties are exploited in objects subject to frequent daily handling, such as computer keyboards, in order to reduce the risk of infection. Due to its malleability, copper can also be transformed in a multitude of ways: the latest innovation –fabric made from copper threads – lends itself to both decorative and industrial applications. Eco-design, health and safety design: daily life in tomorrow's world will depend on copper

Handrail Leader R & B Wagner Finds Growing Demand for New Cuverro Antimicrobial Copper Products

Capitalizing on an opportunity to build its healthcare business by offering another weapon in the ongoing battle against hospital-acquired infections, Milwaukee-based R & B Wagner has teamed up with CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper to develop a system of handrail products with unparalleled bacteria-killing properties.

CuVerro® and Just Manufacturing Taking Antimicrobial Copper Sinks to Healthcare Market and Beyond

Just Manufacturing, a longtime leader in sinks and plumbing products for healthcare facilities and other institutional environments, has launched a new product line featuring CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper touch surfaces.

CuVerro® and Pedigo Products Join Forces to Develop New Healthcare Products Featuring Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surfaces

Vancouver, Washington-based Pedigo Products is among the latest major healthcare equipment manufacturers to join the fight against hospital-acquired infections with products featuring CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper touch surfaces.

Midbrook Medical Offers Custom Production Capabilities Utilizing CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper Alloys

Midbrook Medical, the healthcare arm of the world’s leading manufacturer of cleaning and decontamination systems, is now offering custom design and fabrication capabilities of products made with CuVerro’s patented antimicrobial copper surfaces.

New Elkay Series of CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper Sinks Target Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Elkay Commercial Products, a leading supplier of sinks to the healthcare industry, has joined forces with CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper to introduce the first line of antimicrobial copper sinks exclusively designed for healthcare facilities.

CuVerro and Colonial Bronze Finding Growing Market Demand for CuSalus Antimicrobial Architectural Hardware

Leading antimicrobial copper alloy provider, CuVerro®, has added Colonial bronze to their list of manufacturing affiliates to meet ever-growing market demand for CuSalus® architectural hardware.

CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces Featured on New Line of Arrow Hart® Switches and Wallplates

Cooper Wiring Devices, leading provider of residential, institutional, and industrial grade electrical products has announced a new, innovative line of Arrow Hart® electrical switches and wallplates featuring EPA-registered CuVerro® antimicrobial copper surfaces.

Copper Development Association - Antimicrobial Copper News Letter

The CDA released the second issue in a series of newsletters intended to keep healthcare professionals informed of the latest developments within the Antimicrobial Copper supply chain. This issue showcases several new EPA-approved manufactures and their products made with CuVerro, a signature family of EPA-registered antimicrobial copper alloys offered by Olin Brass.

Journal of Clinical Microbiology: Sustained Reduction of Microbial Burden on Common Hospital Surfaces through Introduction of Copper

Research from the Medical University of South Carolina suggests that adding copper to hospital surfaces which are commonly touched by medical personnel and patients could help reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. The findings appear in the July 2012 issue of the Journal of Clinical Microbiology.