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Launching a successful product requires more than an exceptional material with inherent antimicrobial properties. That’s why Olin Brass supports our CuVerro® manufacturers with a full range of resources, including advertising, promotional support, R&D, just-in-time delivery, registration maintenance, and customer care.

Olin Brass provides complete support from mill to market and CuVerro® offers an unrivaled range of materials from ingot to foil to fabricated parts.

Olin Brass, a subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper, Inc., is the leading manufacturer and distributor of copper and copper-alloy sheet, strip, plate, foil, and fabricated components in North America. Built on solid metallurgical expertise and manufacturing excellence, the company has produced copper alloys commercially for over 90 years. Today, Olin Brass leads the industry in a wide variety of end-use markets including automotive, housing, electronics, coinage and healthcare. For more information, visit

Fineweld® Tube Division manufactures high-frequency, induced current, welded copper alloy tubing from flat-rolled strip supplied exclusively from Olin Brass, specializing in the copper-nickel alloys for heat transfer applications and in applications demanding superior surface quality. Fineweld® tube is provided in outside diameters from 1/2” to 2-3/8” (12.7 mm to 60.3 mm); wall thickness from 0.018” to 0.125” (0.46 mm to 3.17 mm); coil and straight lengths from 4” to 80' (101.6 mm to 24.4 m). Fineweld® tube markets include power utility, desalination, air conditioning & refrigeration, architectural hardware, healthcare equipment and furnishing, hospitality and plumbing products; and is the only fully integrated supplier of EPA-registered antimicrobial tube products in North America. Applications for CuVerro® bactericidal tubing include door and cabinet pulls; grab bars and hand rails; IV poles; and a wide range of healthcare equipment and furnishings. For more information about Fineweld Tube, click here.

Olin Brass Fabricated Products Division produces stamped parts made from copper based alloys. Typical products include flat stampings, shallow and deep drawn parts, and parts requiring complex forming operations utilizing progressive, transfer, and multi-slide equipment. The Fabricated Products group has produced over 9,000 different items, and maintains the highest quality service from alloy selection through finishing and inspection. Stampings include automotive components, decorative plumbing and electrical products Olin Brass can help design CuVerro® components to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Whatever your metal shaping needs, Olin Brass Fabricated Products provides for maximum consistency in stamped products. For more information about Fabricated Products, click here.

Somers Thin Strip Division is a precision re-roll mill producing specialty high-performance light gauge CuVerro® foils. With Somer’s precision capabilities, CuVerro® is available in thickness from .0004 to .0187. All Somers' products are custom made to exacting customer requirements. Somers differentiates itself through precision rolling and exceptional shape control to ensure your product's success. Somers provides quality materials for medical, electronics, solar, aerospace, automotive, builders’ hardware, clothing and food industry applications. For more information about Somers Thin Strip, click here

A.J. Oster is Olin Brass’ sister division, and the largest distributor of copper based metals in the U.S. This includes sheet, strip, foil rod and ingot. Oster provides customized order quantities, just-in-time delivery, tailored stocking programs, custom finishing and more. Thousands of companies in a wide variety of industries, from automotive to electronics to food packaging, have taken advantage of the extensive array and diverse product range offered by A. J. Oster. A.J. Oster’s investment in people, research, technology, and equipment has helped earned the title, “The Single Source Solution.” Whether the requirements are specialized delivery programs to reduce inventory or technical expertise to find materials solutions, you can depend on A.J. Oster as your quality business affiliate. For more information, visit