Copper Rod & Tubing

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Copper Tubes

Manufacturers who partner with CuVerro® as their copper tube & rod supplier can make products that never lose their ability to kill harmful germs, even between cleanings. Being a drop-in replacement for stainless steel, manufacturers can switch to CuVerro® almost instantly.

Copper rod & tubing from CuVerro® is an innovative solution for manufacturers to provide an advantage over the competition. Not only is CuVerro® strong and durable, our copper alloy is an EPA-registered antimicrobial material proven to continuously kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria1. CuVerro’s® antibacterial properties never wear off or diminish, providing valuable and innovative products to your customers.

CuVerro’s® anti-tarnishing and non-corrosive properties allows for use across several functions. Where other metals typically turn black over time, CuVerro® never loses its color, making our copper tube & rod ideal for products such as railing systems, handles, and grab bars. Contact us to learn more about how CuVerro® can become your copper rod & tube supplier.