Petition to the Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency

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Petition to the Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency

Lift the Ban on Sharing Antimicrobial Copper’s Proven Ability to Fight Infections. And Save Lives.


Contact the EPA Administrator. Save Lives.


The Risk
. Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are a staggering problem in the United States. One out of 25 patients that enter a hospital today will develop an infection during their stay, leading to over 75,000 deaths and an estimated $147 billion in added costs every year.* In addition, nearly 2 million people are infected by antibiotic-resistant superbugs like MRSA each year, leading the CDC to warn of “catastrophic consequences” if the threat isn’t addressed.

The Evidence. Antimicrobial copper surfaces have been scientifically proven to reduce infections in hospitals. In one such clinical trial, the use of antimicrobial copper surfaces in ICU rooms reduced the patient infection rate by an astonishing 58%. These results are not unique – the merits of antimicrobial copper have been proven again and again in lab and hospital settings around the country (see research links below). Antimicrobial copper has even been written about in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

The Problem. An EPA policy is preventing proponents of antimicrobial copper from sharing third party, peer-reviewed scientific research on copper’s ability to reduce infections. This is making it impossible to effectively communicate the value of this lifesaving, cost-effective solution to the healthcare community who could use antimicrobial copper to help vulnerable patients avoid deadly infections!

The Request. We ask the Administrator to immediately instruct the EPA to lift the ban and allow producers, manufacturers, and users of antimicrobial copper to make infection reduction claims that are proven and supported by peer-reviewed research.

Act NOW. Your support is needed to convince the EPA Administrator to take immediate action. Please Contact the EPA Administrator today via email. Patients, loved ones, and healthcare workers around the country will thank you for it.


  1. Copper kills coronaviruses, including MERS and SARS**
  2. Copper cuts C. diff HAIs by 78% in acute care units (2016)
  3. Copper cuts infections by 58% in ICUs (2013)
  4. Copper cuts bacteria 94% on fitness equipment in athletic center (2017)
  5. Copper cuts infections by 19% in pediatric ICU (2016)
  6. Copper cuts bacteria by 83% in ICUs (2013)
  7. Copper cuts bacteria by 97% in patient rooms (2016)
  8. Copper cuts bacteria by 88% in pediatric ICU (2016)
  9. Copper cuts bacteria by 91% on stethoscopes (2017)
  10. Copper cuts bacteria count in kindergarten, retirement home, office building, and hospital (2016)
  11. Copper stops transfer of antibiotic resistant genes (2012)
  12. Copper kills gram-negative Acinetobacter species (2018)
  13. Copper kills Clostridium difficile (C. diff) (2008)
  14. Copper kills Influenza A virus (2007)
  15. Copper kills Norovirus (2013)
  16. Copper kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi (2016)
  17. Copper shows rapid contact killing of Staphylococcus Aureus (2016)
  18. Copper cuts bacteria load tenfold, shows strong superiority compared to silver (2017)
  19. Copper’s bactericidal efficacy confirmed, no reduction of bacteria shown on stainless steel surface (2017)
  20. Copper coating cuts gram-negative bacteria significantly in ICU (2017)
  21. Copper alloys could help eliminate bacteria in hospitals - Staphylococcal strains tested (2017)
  22. Copper kills bacteria and can reduce hospital-acquired infection rates (2017)
  23. Review of the evidence – antimicrobial surfaces to prevent HAIs (2018)
  24. Review of the evidence – antimicrobial copper alloy surfaces cut rate of HAIs (2017)


  1. The Scientific Data
  2. The Case for Copper in Healthcare
  3. How it Works (View video below)











Ask the Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency to lift the ban on sharing antimicrobial copper research. We encourage you to copy the text provided to send an email to the EPA Administrator today. 

Send an email.













Hospitals can be dirty and pose a risk of infections.*




*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “HAI Data and Statistics,”, Marchetti A, Rossiter R. Economic burden of healthcare-associated infection in US acute care hospitals: societal perspective. J Med Econ 2013; 16:1399–404

**Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch Surface Materials
arah L. Warnes, Zoë R. Little, C. William Keevil
mBio Nov 2015, 6 (6) e01697-15; DOI: 10.1128/mBio.01697-15