CuVerro Copper vs. Stainless Steel & Other Materials

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CuVerro Copper vs. Stainless Steel & Other Materials


CuVerro Copper vs Stainless Steel

For years, stainless steel has been the material of choice for healthcare surfaces. Although stainless is durable and may look clean, its can still harbor deadly bacteria for days, if not weeks. Conventional healthcare surfaces like stainless steel, plastics, wood, and chrome have no inherent bactericidal properties.

Manufacturers who switch from stainless steel to CuVerro® have a strong competitive advantage. Whether it’s stamping, bending, drawing, or machining, CuVerro is a drop-in replacement for stainless steel with minimal to no tool adjustments. Both materials are durable, corrosion and tarnish resistant.

However, CuVerro Copper continuously kills bacteria1 even after repeated contamination. Plus, the color (if selected) can create an opportunity to open conversation about how you are doing more to help prevent the spread of infection-causing bacteria.

Additives & Chemical Coatings

Most additives and chemical coatings that claim antimicrobial properties do not kill infectious bacteria, but merely inhibit growth and/or retard odor, staining, and surface deterioration caused by bacteria.

In December 2015, Kaiser Permanente banned 13 antimicrobial additives and chemical coatings from its facilities because of potentially toxic chemicals and ineffectiveness. Antimicrobial copper, a solid surface, was not included on this list.

Silver-containing coatings and Triclosan- and silane-based additives do not have EPA registration to make public health claims. They cannot match the ability of CuVerro to kill harmful bacteria within two hours of exposure, and continue to kill bacteria even after repeated contamination.

Instead, the silver- and chemical-coated products are marketed under the EPA Treated Article Exemption which means the antimicrobial agent may only claim to protect the treated product itself from non-specific bacteria that cause odor and degradation. For example, a silver-coated article is protecting the article itself (such as a door pull, grab bar, or handrail) from degradation, with no proven ability to offer people any protection against disease-causing bacteria.

EPA-Registered CuVerro Bactericidal Copper

Neither the silver-ion coatings nor stainless steel have the inherent ability to kill MRSA, no matter how clean they may look. CuVerro kills MRSA and is backed by sound science, GLP testing and EPA registration, whereas additives and chemical coatings that imply antimicrobial properties are neither tested nor recognized by the EPA as a way to protect people against disease-causing bacteria.

Beyond these unique bactericidal properties, CuVerro also offers the advantages of:

• Strength and durability

• Formability

• A clean, professional appearance

• Tarnish resistance

• A warm, natural appearance

• The ability to withstand aggressive hospital cleaning chemicals


 CuVerro CopperStainless Steel
Antimicrobial PropertiesKills more than 99.9% of bacteria that cause infections within 2 hours of surface contact. CuVerro copper continuously kills bacteria 24 hours a day, even after repeated contamination. Helps inhibit the buildup and growth of infectious bacteria.Stainless steel has no inherent antimicrobial properties and can harbor deadly bacteria for days.
DurabilityCopper is among the most durable metals on the market, with little deterioration or corrosion over time. CuVerro copper is manufactured for tarnish resistance (will not turn "green" over time) and the ability to withstand aggressive cleaning chemicals.Stainless maintains its color and appearance over time, with little corrosion. As a lightweight metal, stainless is a very strong material.
CostCuVerro Copper provides opportunity for strong positive returns on your investment. The bactericidal properties of our copper helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that cause infections like MRSA, and can lead to HAIs - a transformative value.Cost-effective compared to other metals on the market, but does not have any bacteria-killing benefits.
SustainabilityCuVerro Copper is made from up to 100% recycled copper and is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly solution.Stainless steel can be recycled.
AestheticOffers a fresh, warm aesthetic that can brighten a hospital room, health facility, fitness center, and more. CuVerro Copper comes in a variety of formats and colors and can be molded into almost any shape. Plus, the unique color (if selected) can create an opportunity to open conversation about how you are doing more to help prevent the spread of infection-causing bacteria!The neutral color of stainless enables it to blend into a variety of environments, but can often have a clinical and cold appearance that may be off-putting to patients of staff.