Industry Applications

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Industry Applications

CuVerro® antimicrobial copper is a material that appeals to architects, designers, and homeowners for high-touch surfaces in any environment. Both the antimicrobial properties combined with beautiful aesthetics make CuVerro a next generation surface that can easily replace stainless steel in public spaces such as fitness facilities and schools, as well as private spaces like hotel rooms and residential spaces.

Bacteria can cause infections and the cost of illness is high across industries.

  • Fitness/Sports: training interruptions, poor performance/outcomes, and reduced revenue
  • Hospitality: negative experiences/reviews, lost customer loyalty, and reduced revenue
  • Corporate: missed time, business interruptions, and reduced productivity
  • Education: lower attendance, decrease performance, and loss of funding
  • Healthcare: negative outcomes, higher costs, and increased risk of legal issues

CuVerro solid surface alloys are versatile enough to be used for a vast range of applications where the potential for exposure to infectious bacteriais a concern, including sinks, light switches, and door hardware. A broad range of products made with CuVerro bactericidal copper surfaces is available to improve the cleanliness of any space:

  • Arm and foot rests
  • Bathroom fixtures, toilet flush levers, sinks, and faucets
  • Cabinet pulls and hardware
  • Computer keyboards
  • Counters and backsplashes
  • Curtain rods
  • Desktops
  • Door knobs, push plates, and handles
  • Dumbbells and fitness attachments
  • Grab bars, railings, and poles
  • Light switches and covers
  • Touch pads
  • Tray tables

Learn more about the range of available products to make your space CuVerro clean.