Rocky Mountain Hardware Creates a New Breed of Antimicrobial Hardware Thanks to Innovative CuVerro Copper Alloy

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Rocky Mountain Hardware Creates a New Breed of Antimicrobial Hardware Thanks to Innovative CuVerro Copper Alloy

May 11, 2016

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Idaho-based manufacturer Rocky Mountain Hardware has distinguished itself over the past 22 years since its founding with a mastery of ‘old world’ craftsmanship that transforms art-grade bronze into designs for doors, cabinetry, plumbing and more.  In 2013 Rocky Mountain introduced its first collection cast in CuVerro bactericidal alloys, thus opening the door to a whole new market and consumer segment:  healthcare and the aging population.

“This represents a major leap for us into the health and wellness category which, of course, largely serves today’s senior market,” said Christian Nickum, Rocky Mountain’s president. “By casting in CuVerro, we’re able to offer this segment not only architectural hardware with a distinctive aesthetic and proven Made in America quality, but also with a new generation surface that’s authentically an effective defense against infectious bacteria.”

It’s estimated that nearly 2 million of America’s aging population reside in healthcare facilities where those 85 years and older are at greater risk of acquiring healthcare-associated infections. Hardware in these environments – door handles, grab bars, cabinet knobs and even faucet controls – literally are touchy subjects when it comes to potential culprits that can harbor infectious bacteria. So, hardware that can actually offer preventative, antimicrobial features is an attractive option and valued because of the inherent benefits in reducing harmful bacteria.

Recognizing the critical need for a new breed of hardware, one of the world’s foremost architectural and product design firms – HOK Product Design – approached Rocky Mountain for a collaboration specifically targeting the wellness market. While Rocky Mountain offers all of the existing styles in its portfolio to be produced using CuVerro, what HOK brought to the table was unparalleled experience and perspective to yield a spot-on design best suited for this segment. HOK has designed and built its share of hospitals and other facilities serving the healthcare world, and leaders on this project included an individual who actually had experience working in Arizona copper mines as a teen and was well aware of the bactericidal properties of the element, along with a 30-year-veteran of healthcare design. The Verdura Collection is the outcome of the collaboration, and it fills a void in the category where aesthetics are often sacrificed to practicality.

“Rocky Mountain Hardware prides itself on providing solutions,” said Nickum. “The addition of CuVerro to our materials arsenal is a coup which is having an important impact on the lives of millions.”