NCAA Champion Villanova Wildcats equip strength training room with bactericidal copper

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NCAA Champion Villanova Wildcats equip strength training room with bactericidal copper

Oct 20, 2016

The NCAA Basketball Champion Villanova Wildcats have installed Black Iron Strength®dumbbells and attachments made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper in their training facilities as a way to promote greater hygiene and help kill the bacteria that cause infections.

EPA-registered CuVerro® is a class of copper alloys that kill 99.9% of bacteria it contacts within two hours. Copper surfaces keep killing bacteria without washing out or wearing away. The gripping surfaces of Black Iron Strength®dumbbells are made of CuVerro®.

Villanova’s decision to use copper grip surfaces marks the first such move by a Division I athletic program and follows similar steps taken by professional athletic teams across the country, including the NHL’s St. Louis Blues and Los Angeles Kings.

“It is important that our athletes stay healthy,” said John Shackleton, head strength and conditioning coach for the Wildcat squad that defeated the University of North Carolina for the 2016 NCAA title. “So, we are constantly disinfecting our workout rooms to try to prevent the spread of infections. “

The Germ Buster® line of Black Iron Strength® dumbbells with their CuLEAN® copper surfaces give us a sixth man in our effort to combat the threat of infections,” Shackleton said. “It is a step we felt we needed to take to promote cleanliness and help protect our athletes.”

Copper products are gaining attention among owners and operators of athletic facilities and health and fitness clubs around the country, according to Tom Grace, President of Black Iron Strength®. “Teams remember last year’s MRSA outbreak with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Anaheim Ducks issue with mumps and they want to take steps to help avoid similar situations,” he said.

Shackleton agreed. “Winning teams are healthy teams,” he said. “Using the Black Iron Strength® equipment not only helps us gain a competitive edge, it also means cutting down on the chances of infection. That’s especially important for a winter sport where student athletes are susceptible to colds, flu and other infections.”

Villanova is one of the most storied Division I athletic programs in the country, excelling in sports for both men and women. The men’s basketball team is the reigning NCAA Champion. The school’s women’s basketball team has competed in the NCAA Tournament 14 out of the last 17 years.

About CuVerro®

CuVerro® is manufactured by GBC Metals, LLC, doing business as Olin Brass, a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc., the leading manufacturer and distributor of copper, copper‐alloy and bactericidal copper sheet, strip, plate, foil, rod, ingot and fabricated components in North America and one of the largest in the world. GBC Metals engages in the melting, casting, rolling, drawing, extruding and stamping of specialized copper and copper alloys finished products from scrap, cathode and other refined metals. (OB-0041-1610)

About Black Iron Strength

Black Iron Strength® products (visit are sold by Grace Premier Fitness and Wellness Products, Inc., the leading worldwide distributor for the US Patented CuLEAN® antimicrobial copper touch points on the Black Iron Strength® free weight equipment handles and touch surfaces featuring the CuVerro® bactericidal copper components. For more information about Black Iron Strength® products, email or call Tom Grace, President of Black Iron Strength®: or 1‐360‐574‐6524.

*Laboratory testing shows that, when cleaned regularly, CuVerro surfaces kill greater than 99.9% of the following bacteria within 2 hours of exposure: Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli O157:H7, and Vancomycin‐Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE).The use of CuVerro® bactericidal copper products is a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices; users must continue to follow all current infection control practices, including those practices related to cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces. This surface has been shown to reduce microbial contamination, but it does not necessarily prevent cross contamination.