Home hygiene, copper featured on popular Canada TV show

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Home hygiene, copper featured on popular Canada TV show

Oct 04, 2017

Louisville, KY, October 4, 2017 – Antimicrobial copper was featured during a home hygiene segment on a recent edition of the Marilyn Denis Show, Canada’s second most popular daytime TV program. The replay of the segment, which aired on Monday Sept. 25, can be viewed on the Show’s website beginning this week.

Screenshot of Marilyn Denis opening a home segment of her show featuring CuVerro® anti-microbial Cross copper pens.

At the beginning of the segment, one of the show’s home experts, Charles MacPherson, measured the level of organic matter on household items and offered cleaning strategies to reduce the chances of spreading infections. His test of a common ballpoint pen revealed levels three times higher than the level considered sanitary.

The remedy MacPherson suggested: a pen made of CuVerro® copper.

The reason? Copper alloys kill germs and reduce the risk of spreading them to others. Eighty (80) percent of infections are spread by touch. More than 99% of infectious bacteria die1 when they come in contact with CuVerro antimicrobial copper surfaces.