CuVerro copper plays role in infection prevention in University of Louisville Hospital’s Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit

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CuVerro copper plays role in infection prevention in University of Louisville Hospital’s Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit

Dec 01, 2017

Technologies and materials expected to significantly reduce incidence of infection

Louisville, Dec. 1, 2017 – The University of Louisville Hospital’s Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit, in combination with UofL’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center, is the latest hospital facility – and first in the Kentuckiana region – to use CuVerro antimicrobial copper as part of an overall strategy to control infections. Copper is a known bactericidal material and has been shown to reduce bacteria loads on high touch surfaces by 99.9%.

CuVerro’s Director of Commercial Solutions Kon John noted that the installation at UofL is another proof point for manufacturers interested in helping their clients make a difference. 

“CuVerro copper is a game changing opportunity for manufacturers looking for growth in the health industry – or anywhere else where bacteria are an issue,” John said.

“CuVerro continuously kills bacteria that can cause infections, and when copper fixtures are part of an infection control strategy, there is no question that high touch surfaces carry substantially lower bacteria loads. This presents a great opportunity for both hospitals, manufacturers, and most importantly, patients.”

UofL Hospital and its architects recognized the benefits of using copper in the unit’s recent renovation. Virtually every fixture touched by human hands is made of the antimicrobial metal: patient room sinks, bathroom sinks, faucets, door hardware, cabinetry hardware and shower safety grab bars. Several CuVerro affiliate manufacturers were a part of this project, including Just ManufacturingTrimcoRocky Mountain Hardware, and Seachrome. 

The UofL project was an all-Louisville effort. CuVerro is headquartered here and the University partnered with JRA Architects of Louisville. The team worked together to develop a plan to reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Nationally, 1 in 25 inpatients acquires an infection in hospitals or other health care facilities.



“HAIs can happen in any health care facility,” said UofL HospitalChief Medical Officer Jason Smith, M.D., Ph.D., including hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, long-term care facilities and others. “They are caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses or other less common pathogens. The new systems installed at UofL Hospital will have a significant impact in reducing the incidence of HAIs.”