CuVerro and Colonial Bronze Finding Growing Market Demand for CuSalus Antimicrobial Architectural Hardware

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CuVerro and Colonial Bronze Finding Growing Market Demand for CuSalus Antimicrobial Architectural Hardware

Oct 23, 2012

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

Leading antimicrobial copper alloy provider, CuVerro®, has partnered up with Colonial bronze to meet ever-growing market demand for CuSalus® architectural hardware.
A year after winning Project Magazine’s coveted Nightingale Award for excellence and innovation in healthcare product design, Colonial Bronze’s CuSalus® architectural hardware continues to open new doors for the company in the healthcare industry and beyond.
Made with CuVerro® antimicrobial copper alloys – the only class of solid antimicrobial touch surface approved by the EPA to make public health claims – the CuSalus® line comprises a wide range of interior hardware, including knobs and pulls for doors and cabinetry, appliance pulls, towel bars and grab bars, table tops, and over bed tables.
All feature surfaces made with CuVerro® copper alloys, which are inherently antimicrobial materials that continuously kill infection-causing bacteria upon contact, with no additional chemicals added. The materials are completely recyclable, not harmful to people or the environment, and never lose their effectiveness, even after repeated abrasions and recontamination.
Among the noteworthy users of CuSalus® products is The Ronald McDonald House of Charleston (RMHC), who in February unveiled the nation’s first nonprofit temporary residence facility completely retrofitted with antimicrobial copper. Colonial Bronze was one of several contributors to the project, which involved replacing steel, wood and plastic touch surfaces with solid, EPA-registered copper-based metals in high-traffic areas throughout the facility.
“CuSalus is just one example of the exciting new healthcare product lines that utilize CuVerro copper alloys,” said Peter Gude, CuVerro’s Business Development Director. “We’re committed to building an actionable suite of innovative products for numerous segments of the healthcare market, and Colonial Bronze is one of the key strategic partners with whom CuVerro is working to achieve that goal.”
CuVerro is an Olin Brass company wholly owned by GBC Metals, Inc. and the world leader in providing antimicrobial copper surfaces for product manufacturers serving the healthcare, education, hospitality, and select other industries. For more information, please visit or call 502.873.3029.