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What CuVerro® is.

Bactericidal protection for every day.

Antibacterial protection that’s EPA-registered.

Products that change what we think is clean.

When it comes to killing bacteria1 we never quit.

CuVerro® is a class of copper-based alloys that continuously
kills harmful bacteria1 24 hours a day. These attractive,
durable and easy to maintain bactericidal copper surfaces
represent the only class of EPA-registered solid surface materials that actively kill bacteria1.

Found in a growing array of products, CuVerro® surfaces
are delivering proven bactericidal protection where it
matters the most. Developed by our affiliates, these
creative and innovative products make it possible to take
advantage of bactericidal CuVerro® today.

CuVerro® alloys are made with bactericidal copper–the
only solid surface registered by the EPA to kill 99.9%
of bacteria1 that cause infections, within two hours.

Available from affiliates in a range of products, CuVerro®
bactericidal copper surfaces offer a seamless antimicrobial option for any space. Using products made with the only
touch surface that kills 99.9% of bacteria1within 2 hours is now easier than ever.

Bactericidal copper touch surfaces made with CuVerro®
kill more than 99.9% of bacteria1 within two hours, when
cleaned regularly. And they continuously clean with effectiveness that doesn't wear down or wear off over time.

Product Gallery
By working with leading component manufactures CuVerro® is now available in a range of high quality products. Explore how CuVerro® can become an integral part of any environment.
Healthcare Professionals
CuVerro® bactericidal copper gives you the power to transform the healthcare environment. Learn how it can be an effective resource to help break the chain of infection.
Architects and Designers
Learn how CuVerro® bactericidal copper can help you meet the challenge of delivering beautiful, sustainable healthcare settings that can help improve patient outcomes.
OEM Manufacturers
CuVerro® offers a full range of bactericidal copper alloys that are attractive and durable. Learn how it can provide recognized benefits and value for your customers.

Click here for additional EPA testing information: Bacteria